Friday, August 21, 2009


I was browsing for some Desert Storm 1 and US jungle BDU (pre digital camo) reference pictures and kit bashes at OSW for the upcoming OSM exhibition. Then I saw this:

The image below got me really interested in femfigs again.

No, not because it's plastic porn. The flexibility of a non visible joint figure is truly amazing. I have a HT muscular body from the Blackwater PMC figure and posing that figure is a nightmare, especially the elbow and shoulder joints. Plus not to mention that my current CG 1 femfigs have non dramatic poses like:


Of course, the Tumulus Raider pictures shown are just prototypes. How will the production models fare, only time can tell.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Unbelievable Price

I do understand that inflation is part and parcel of life, but nowadays I find boxed figures are out of reach. Now that HT is hooked onto money churning licensed figures, they have stopped producing military figures like they used to, and the last figure was priced exceptionally high, for my standards. Long gone were the days when I can get a boxed military HT figure for less then RM300.

Speaking of expensive figures, I paid a visit to Shiok Toys at e@Curve to window shop and rummage through their loose 1/6 items. The last visit i got a shock looking at a Barrett M82A3 50 cal anti material sniper rifle selling got RM159. What I saw last Sunday shocked me more, carded equipment from GIGN box figure are being sold above Rm200. that's 50% the price without the figure, uniform, armor, and 50% of other accessories.

At current times when the economy is crumbling, I was expecting to see some budget figures being introduce by these toy companies to keep themselves afloat. But I guess such niche market is less affected by the global economy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pre ordered boots

Its been a really long time since the last update on the TT. anyways, I've pre ordered these.

desert, olive drab and black for my long delayed projects.

Monday, April 27, 2009

OSM April 25 TT

The gathering was a HUGE success. It was a good thing that we planned for dinner TT so we can utilize the upper floor. Infact we took up the whole corner, approx 7 tables in total. 3 tables for action figure display and loose item trading, the other 4 for drinks, and food. Members was all over the place chatting about various 1/6 stuff.

Anddd..... 1/6 action figure exhibition 2009 is in the works.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Latest Haul: classic GSG9 and Desert Storm 1 marine

It's been a dreadfully long time since the last update. The economic situation hasn't been friendly to local toy importers and the introduction price of figures form manufacturers(in USD) are rising annually. Gone were the days where Dragon and bbi flooded the market with affordable 1/6 figures and at decent quality, compared to hasbro and 21C.

Anyways, I got a pleasant 1/6 surprise at last sunday Amcorp mall flea market. Loose Dragon 1/6 figures were for sale by Eddie Chew a fellow collector. I didn't have time to interview him as i was in a hurry, but i got these two fellow instead.

Classic GSG9 (German) and Desert Storm 1 Marine. Cost me RM65 each

I wasted no time displaying our latest member of the group. There's nothing to kitbash out of this guy as i wanted to retain originality of the classic GSG9 units like the illustration below.